Getting Ready


The best thing to do is start preparing now. There's no such thing as too early!

Read through the information in this "Getting Ready" section, and start to talk about the weekend as a group. Reading through the theme information and starting to talk about it before you arrive is the best way to hit the ground running once you get to Camp Calumet. If this is your first time attending the Hammo event, talking to groups who have attended in the past can also be a great source of advice. If you need helping finding someone, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll connect you with a group near you.

The event program fills the entire weekend, however, there are several opportunities for free time where you might want to bring specific things. Check below under "free-time activities" to see what items you might want to include in your planning.

Start thinking now about the number of adult advisors you will need to support your youth group for the weekend. Based on past experience, the planning team recommends at least one adult for every five youth but no more than one adult for every three youth. Be sure to line up enough drivers and vehicles to carry people, supplies, and equipment. Registration opens at 4:00pm, and the Friday evening program begins at 8:30pm. Be sure to allow time to eat, set up camp, and get organized for the weekend.

Below you'll find some resources we've put together for packing, preparing as a group, etc. If you have any further questions or needs, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Important Downloads

None of the forms below are required at the event EXCEPT for the Safe Church Certification Letter, however some of these forms have helpful information that advisors may want to bring with them to the event for reference.

  Participant Permission Form

  Adult Youth Leader Agreement

  Hammo Rules

  Expectations of Advisors

  Safe Church Guidelines

  Sample Safe Church Certification letter

Safe Church

The New England Synod and Hammo Leadership Team is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all people, especially youth. In order to attend Hammo, every Congregation and it's adult youth advisors must abide by the Safe Church Guidelines. Each church must have one person who has completed the Safe Church training. Click on Safe Church under the About tab for more information

Saturday Afternoon Activities

***Please note that some of the activities below will have assigned time limits due to participant maximums***

Jam Session

Tie Dye

Rob World




Arts and Crafts

Field Games


Planning Your Trip


Calumet Lutheran Camp and Conference Center is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ossipee at 1090 Ossipee Lake Road, Freedom, NH 03836. Visit for more information about Calumet facilities.


If you're not an experienced camper, seek advice from someone who is. The Calumet Family campground is open to the public and has facilities similar to many modern campgrounds. It has a variety of sites including some that are wooded and others that are generally flat and grassy. Virtually all sites have potable water and electricity. Others have water available nearby.

Shower buildings are conveniently located in the campground. Dishwashing stations are also available. Nearly all campsites have fire rings for campfires and/or cooking. A few sites have group fire rings or fire pits. Wood can be purchased nearby.

Bed Sites

Bed sites are those that have camp bunk beds. They may be located in cabins, buildings such as the Winter Retreat Lodge or in canvas cabin tents on wooden platforms. You will still need to bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows but you'll have the advantage of not having to pitch a tent and set up a campsites.


This year youth groups can choose to purchase a special Hammo meal plan when you register. Options are by youth group only, not individual participants. Please be prepared to make your selection when you register. The options are:

 - No meals (bring your own)

 - All four meals (Saturday 3 meals, Sunday breakfast): $23/person

Important Emergency Information

Medical services are not provided as part of this event. If you have a medical or police emergency while at the Hammo event, call 911 or Camp Calumet for assistance. Also inform the event security staff to advise them that police, fire, or medical assistance has been called.

Camp Calumet (603) 539-4773
Emergency Medical, Fire, or Police dial 911